Children Overcoming Police Stereotypes Through Sports

It is our intent to work hand in hand with the community in developing our children into well rounded student-athletes that will make their parents proud as well as foster a relationship with the youth and the Buffalo Police Department. It is our goal to not only break down the barrier that stands between those who protect and those being protected. Essentially, if we start with our youth, we can have a lasting impact on their progression into adulthood.

Giving Back

In addition to various sports & mentor programs, it is just as important for us to give back. Creating these memories for our youth is priceless.

Our Future

Get them while they’re young. Leaving a lasting imprint on our future is vital for the overall success of our community.

Real Mentors

They don’t have to come to us, we go to them. Putting boots on the ground is how our C.O.P.S.S organization operate. We must continue reaching out to our youth.

«Our Mission»

  • Character

    C.O.P.S.S organization consistently develop character within our youth and young adults.

  • Integrity

    Team work & sportsmanship will lay the groundwork in learning how to build integrity.

  • Pride

    Having pride for our community while stimulating the minds of those impacted the most.

  • Community

    Change starts with our community. Those who have the everyday challenge of protecting its entirety within.

Lt. Todd McAlister

We must make a continuous effort to bridge the gap between the community and the Police Department. Our C.O.P.S.S organization will continue effectively demonstrating the many roles that the Buffalo Police Department exemplifies in society. As we continue to grow and expand our C.O.P.S.S organization, we will increase the recruitment of local young men and woman to sit for the Civil Service Exam, all while introducing new ways for the community to communicate with Police. As we continue moving forward, the ultimate goal is to expand our C.O.P.S.S organization to multiple inner cities throughout the United States. Implementing this program throughout the country will impact thousands of young men and women. With your support, I truly believe we can partner with multiple police agencies ;therefore, becoming a national organization. Thank you for all your love and support!

Officer Armonde Badger

I am the son of a pastor and grew up in the church. With that said, our church is not only a place of worship but a safe place for the community. A place where our youth and young adults can have fun, learn & evolve. Many churches in our neighborhood have pretty much become a one stop shop for safety, mentors, resources, support and counseling. Therefore, I say that to say this. Because of your support, our C.O.P.S.S organization has become just that. While dozens of kids and young adults are playing in our tournaments, they are safe. In addition to that, they’re not only spending hours around mentors, but having the time of their lives while doing so. They’re also being provided with dozens of resources all while having the full support of our C.O.P.S.S organization. Your love and support has helped us tremendously in achieving these goals. Thank you and God bless you all!

Officer Michael Norwood Jr.

Prior to becoming a Police Officer, I traveled the world playing professional basketball. I of course had the time of my life. As a young man from the inner city of Buffalo NY, playing professional basketball opened up many doors in my life all while allowing me to build relationships with some of the most affluent people in the world. Some of which I still consider mentors. With that being said, our C.O.P.S.S organization is not just all about introducing our youth to sports. We’re using sports as a platform to have a personal relationship and most importantly a lasting influence with our youth and young adults. Creating elite tournaments during the summer in an attempt to strategically keep kids safe from gang violence. Having a front row seat in listening to the real underlying problems our youth often express to us behind closed doors. Teaching the importance of looking and acting professional as a team, in an attempt to make them more competitive in the workplace. I am overjoyed and very proud of what our C.O.P.S.S organization is achieving within our community. Consequently, this would not be possible without your support. I sincerely thank you all!

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